HOME Unit Studies

What is a Unit Study?

Unit studies typically cover all subjects through an in-depth study of one topic. HOME unit studies cover all of the subjects required in Maine's homeschool law!


The unit study approach makes it easier to teach the same topic to different ages at the same time! 

Use them to supplement or enrich your program, or as an affordable, year-long curriculum!

HOME has a variety of reasonably priced unit studies and guides to help you cover various topics and subjects, broaden your curriculum or accompany some of HOME's many events and activities.


ORDER THEM ONLINE, by mail or purchase them at a HOME event.


Try Our Unit Study Course!

Sign up for our email course, How to Use HOME Unit Studies, to learn more about the unit study method and using HOME's unit studies with your family. You will receive six emails over a period of three weeks outlining the basics of using HOME unit studies with your children, either as a supplement to what you are already doing, or as a stand-alone curriculum (just adding math and grammar). Your choice of one FREE unit study is included as part of the course!


Course Presenter: Angela Hurd

Angela Hurd received her BA from Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN in English Education/Bible and was an English teacher for 18 years at Belfast Area High School in Belfast, ME.  She is now gratefully homeschooling her two young sons in her small town of Morrill.  She loves reading books with her boys, talking about politics with her husband, singing worship music, and learning something new every day!  

What people are saying...

Watch HOME Regional Rep. Brandi Schunk as she shares her thoughts on HOME’s Full-Year Unit Study Curriculum! 

More Comments

"The unit study course was helpful for me. I was happy to learn how versatile unit studies are. I’m looking forward to weaving them into our existing curriculum to add some variety to our weeks/months. I also really appreciated the “through-the-year” unit study guide that was provided. It gives me something to consider for next year as a curriculum."



We're really enjoying the unit studies we recently purchased. Awesome resource of information. Thanks!



More about HOME's Unit Studies

* What is the format? 

Each unit is based on one or two interconnected topics and covers all required subject areas.  Each subject includes one or more assignment.  A list of suggested reading is also included. 


* What is the recommended grade level?

While typically aimed at elementary grade school level students, they are written in a way that can easily be adapted up, down or used in a multi-grade setting.  


* How long do they take to complete? 

There is no timeline for completion. Completion is entirely dependent upon the student, their interest, ability, etc.  HOME unit studies are meant to be a guide and a jumping off point.  They are far from comprehensive on the subject but are designed to inspire a desire to learn more.


* What types of projects are included? What materials are needed?

Once again, this is entirely dependent on the family and the student's level of interest.  There are suggestions for writing, research, art, career exploration and more in each unit study.  Families are free to choose what to do (or not do) within the study.


How to Order

TO ORDER - Choose one of the links below to learn more about each of HOME's individual unit studies, as well as our unit study bundles and movies & literature series.




Unit Studies are available in print or ebook format (pdf file). The suggested donation for published unit studies is $10.95 (limited titles available in this format). Comb binding units are $8 and ebook format units are $4.


Revised Literature & Movies unit studies are available for $13 for published or $5 per ebook.


Unit Study Bundles are available in published or ebook format (pdf file). The suggested donation for published bundles is $27.50 or $15 for each ebook Bundle requested. 

  • Please allow two business days to receive your ebook once HOME has received your request. Orders for printed resources will be processed within 5 to 7 business days. 

** Before you order, be sure to check here to see if you qualify for a free unit study! **


Documenting Unit Study Learning is Easy and Fun!

Keep track of all of your unit study learning in a portfolio! As a convenience for your family, HOME offers pre-assembled portfolios. Included is a 3-inch binder, subject dividers, plastic sheet protectors, all required pages for record-keeping, and simple instructions and suggestions for portfolio assembly.