Summer Learning Opportunities

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Education and connection with your community doesn't need to go on hold once the warm weather begins!  Learning continues throughout the summer.  Check out the Maine summer resources below!  


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Many of HOME's unit studies are perfect for summer learning. Here are just a few of our favorites!

HOME Grown Gardens

Maine Sea Birds: Past and Present

Sea Glass

Harvest the Sea 

Lighthouses of Maine

Maine's Forts


HOME Activities

There are lots of HOME sponsored activities and classes happening throughout the summer months! Be sure to add some to your calendar! 


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More Opportunities

* PLEASE NOTE: The resources and activities listed below are not sponsored by HOME. Please use your own discretion when choosing activities for your children.


Summer Camps

Old School fun with classic American games in a traditional camp setting. 

Residential programs starting at one week for boys & girls ages 8 to 16.

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When we speak with families, they often want to know what is the right camp for their son so that they can make the best decision. When looking for that answer, they often focus on camp features (safety, fun, accommodations, adventure), rather than on the opportunity for boys to develop a better understanding of who they are and who they can become. Netop (pronounced Nee-tope, means friendship) Summer Camp believes that camp is more than just a few weeks away from home having fun, it’s an opportunity for kids to develop their own core values and character and try out and test those values every day. That's why we have had the Four Spokes Philosophy since day one at Netop. Netop not only offers an authentic, traditional camp experience but more importantly, it develops kind, civic-minded, confident young men. Growth comes natural at Netop - for more information, call/text us at 516-458-7012, email at, and visit our website:

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