Help! I Don't Know What I am Doing!

Join Connie Albers as she comforts your weary heart!

"I'm a smart person, so why is this so hard?" We place so much pressure on ourselves to know everything before we begin. We feel we have to pick the perfect math, literature, science, art, and planner to believe we are a successful homeschooler. Stop stressing out! Motivating children to learn, love, and listen isn't as hard as we think. After teaching five children from K-12, Connie Albers, nationally known author and speaker, relates to how you feel. She was there, many times.!  

You can do this!

You've filled out the paperwork to homeschool, chosen the curriculum, and set up your classroom. But everything isn't going as well as you hoped. In "Help! I Don't Know What I am Doing," Connie encourages you to take a deep breath and spend time learning who your children are, so that you can teach to their strengths and motivate them to learn.


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