Curriculum Consulting

Attend a Free Planning Session!

  • Beginners

Choosing curriculum and planning a program of study can be overwhelming, especially if you are just beginning to homeschool. There are so many options! 


HOME offers a FREE curriculum planning session to new homeschoolers. We will help you to pinpoint your child's learning styles, strengths, interests and abilities... and then explore the many possibilities!


  • Veterans

Even seasoned veterans need advice and encouragement from time to time. Those looking ahead to the high school years, as well as those nearing the finish line, often have new questions and concerns. 


Planning sessions are available throughout the year at the HOME Office, as well as during the HOME Convention, to all those seeking guidance in homeschooling! Families who join HOME receive one session FREE! 


*Appointments can be made for Wednesdays and Fridays at 3:00pm (or call to arrange another time). PLEASE NOTE: No appointments are available during the month of February, 2019. 


The Heart of HOME Bookstore is conveniently located at the HOME Office to assist homeschoolers in the curriculum review and selection process. Homeschool products from a wide variety of companies are represented. Please be sure to contact the HOME Office or call (207) 763-2880 for an appointment.


We are located just minutes from the beautiful coastal village of Camden. There is much to see and do in midcoast Maine during any season, so be sure to plan an area activity when you come, as well!