HOME's Intercessory Prayer Team


Yes, it's true! Veteran homeschoolers are praying for homeschooling in Maine, HOME... and for YOU! There are many ways to express love for one’s neighbor, but intercessory prayer—praying on behalf of others—is one of the most powerful. Prayer is the most potent force known to mankind!


The next time you feel anxious, islolated or confused on your homeschool journey, remember that you are not alone. Every day, prayers are said on your behalf. If you would like to reach out with a specific prayer need, contact HOME today!


National Homeschool Day of Prayer


"In the early years of the homeschool movement, families banded together in strength to support, encourage, and protect the right and high duty of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children. The need to come together for that purpose has not diminished. The National Homeschool Day of Prayer on the first Friday in November gives us a powerful opportunity to unite in prayer. Please join us."    

-- HOME Founders, Ed and Kathy Green



On this day, we invite you to join HOME and other homeschoolers around the globe as we:

  • Give thanks for the freedom we have to homeschool our children,
  • Pray for homeschooling families in your own nation and around the globe,
  • Pray for upcoming elections and the impact they may have on homeschooling,
  • Pray for your elected officials to recognize that the education of children is the responsibility of the parents, not that of the nation,
  • Pray for your own family—your homeschooling journey and the Lord's guidance as you take that journey, your relationships with one another, your own children and their futures, as well as seeking ways your family can minister to others,
  • Rejoice in God's mercy and His faithfulness in all things.