Our Vision for the Future


Currently, homeschooling numbers are surging as more and more parents realize the benefit of personalizing and directing their child’s education. With over three decades of experience, HOME continues to be fully equipped to meet the challenge! 



Parents know what’s best for their children. As they have in the past, today’s homeschoolers will continue to stand together with HOME to protect the right of parents to do what they know is best without government overreach. 



Today, homeschooling families can count on quality and dependable help and support from HOME, as well as the wider homeschool marketplace, whenever and wherever they need it. Private homeschool enterprise is flourishing and brings choices, whereas government funding promises control and limitations.



HOME offers a plethora of tools, resources, expert guidance, and a continuous flow of trustworthy information, so that all dedicated homeschool families can thrive and prosper. 



Though we will always face challenges, HOME’s constant vigilance allows homeschool families to journey as safely and securely as possible. 



HOME continues to build and train a strong, dedicated and responsive leadership team representing all areas of our state.



All homeschoolers must do their part to bring hope to the future of homeschooling in Maine. Join us to support HOME’s Vision for the Future. Help us to keep the doors of HOME open wide, and able to serve and welcome many more families into the safe refuge that homeschooling provides.


Make a financial contribution to support the vision of HOME. Together we can we work to meet the needs of the growing number of homeschool families in Maine! Thank you!