Our 20/20 Vision

What lies ahead for HOME and homeschooling in Maine?


While the school age population is declining, homeschooling in Maine continues to grow! Over the past decade, homeschooling has increased by 62% nationwide. As a result, the ministry of HOME continues to grow and expand its reach in an effort to meet the needs of homeschool families.


Over the course of a year, it now takes more than one hundred HOME volunteers to carry out the work of this vital ministry in our state. The success of HOME’s activities, field trips and annual events (i.e. convention, graduation ceremony, used curriculum sale, etc.) depend on the helping hands of many. Our HOME Digest, website, social networking tools, and other regular publications require quite a number of experienced and talented volunteers. Trained staff and volunteers help with annual assessments and curriculum planning. Experienced volunteers assist Maine homeschoolers every day with their many questions and concerns.


In addition to meeting needs, protecting homeschool freedoms is of paramount importance to HOME. Throughout the year, several volunteers spend many hours monitoring federal and state efforts to control or regulate homeschooling. During the legislative session each year, HOME’s President attends a number of public hearings and committee work sessions to determine any possible impact of proposed new laws on homeschooling.


As each new year passes, we can look back over past years with grateful hearts. Though we have faced many challenges, God has granted many blessings and protections to Maine homeschool families. Through much sacrifice and with great courage, the early pioneers cleared and paved the way toward greater homeschool freedom in Maine. As a result, many more families are able to travel the road safely and securely with the assurance of help, support and clear direction all along the way.

Strong Leadership!

Though it is difficult to see what lies ahead, we know that we must plan for and expect continued growth in homeschooling in Maine. HOME must be ready to serve even greater numbers as more and more families seek refuge from the world and from public schools. For that reason, HOME continues to build and train a strong leadership team representing all areas of our state.

Hope for the Future!

We will move forward with hope, and trust that the Lord will continue to provide for HOME as He always has. However, each of us must do our part. Please prayerfully consider how you can join us to become a part of HOME’s 20/20 Vision for the future. Help us to broaden our leadership base to include a new generation of committed and capable leaders who will continue to open HOME’s doors wide, and welcome many more families into the safe refuge that homeschooling provides.

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