Who We Are

Families Helping Families!




Homeschoolers of Maine (HOME) is a non-profit, volunteer based ministry founded in 1990 by Ed and Kathy Green. We are Families Helping Families! The mission of HOME is to support homeschooling families in their God-given and constitutional right and responsibility to oversee the education of their children.


Before founding HOME’s ministry, Ed and Kathy had been homeschooling their four daughters, as well as providing support and guidance to other homeschoolers throughout the state for many years. With those years of experience in homeschool leadership, they felt the time was right for Maine to have a statewide organization with a heart for service and a Godly foundation. These are the principles that guide the volunteers and leaders of HOME today. 



HOME is funded by donations, Families Helping Families supporters and various fundraisers. The generosity of individual homeschooling families keeps the ministry of HOME alive! 



HOME's Board of Directors helps with some of the many tasks of running the organization, including planning and working during various events. We are also blessed to have the support of many HOME volunteers who help in ministering to Maine homeschoolers throughout the year. Our work could never be accomplished without the help of these hardworking and dedicated families and individuals.



In addition, HOME partners with others to provide more effective service to the homeschool community.  HOME works closely with Home School Legal Defense Association when confronted with legal and legislative issues. Members of the HOME Board also receive leadership training and support from national leadership conventions held by HSLDA.


In addition, HOME supports and relies upon NHERI and Dr. Brian Ray for homeschooling research and statistics that are used to inform Maine's homeschoolers, the media and, most importantly, the legislature during legislative concerns.


HOME board member and Maine certified teacher, Kathi Kearney (founder of the Hollingworth Center for Highly Gifted Children), provides valuable expertise, as well. Kathi and her team scan all of Maine's upcoming legislative bills for any that would restrict our homeschooling freedoms. She presents workshops, provides portfolio reviews, gives the board of directors guidance and experience, and much more.


We could not provide quality service to Maine's homeschoolers without the wisdom and guidance of these support systems to Homeschoolers of Maine.



HOME sponsors a number of annual events, which provide homeschoolers with access to information, education and resources, as well as encouragement and support. In addition, HOME coordinates many field trip opportunities and special activities throughout the year. 

HOME communicates with homeschoolers throughout the state regularly through the HOME Digest, website, email updates and facebook. Fill out a request form to receive HOME Email Updates, which include the latest homeschool happenings in Maine and the nation.

The HOME Office is based in Hope, and is a place where homeschoolers can review hundreds of homeschooling books and curricula, attend workshops, and come for counseling and annual assessments. Outreach volunteers enjoy meeting with new homeschoolers to discuss getting started, recommend curricula, or just provide support. Counseling and most other outreaches are free to all homeschoolers.