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You Can Support HOME with a HOME Portfolio Review!

Maine law requires homeschoolers who have filed letters of intent to homeschool to submit the results of assessments, annually, to their local superintendent's office at the end of each school year, no later than September 1. 


"One submission of a home instruction Notice [along with annual assessment results] serves as notification to both the Maine Department of Education and the resident Superintendent, as required by law..." 

-- Maine Department of Education  


A portfolio review by a Maine certified teacher is the perfect way to satisfy the annual assessment requirement. Watch the video above to learn more!


Why Choose a HOME Review?

Homeschoolers of Maine (HOME) provides a convenient and trustworthy source for your annual assessment needs, which fulfills the requirements of our homeschool statute. 

  • HOME conducts portfolio reviews using a team of HOME vetted and trained Maine certified teachers who value homeschool freedom and are experienced homeschoolers or well-versed advocates.
  • A HOME reviewer is always readily available anytime throughout the year!   
  • Our teachers are well known by HOME. We are confident in their abilty to serve and support homeschoolers with excellence and integrity.
  • HOME's list of teachers is not made public. Registration for HOME portfolio reviews is directly through HOME. This adds a layer of protection for both families and teachers.
  • By participating in a HOME portfolio review, you will also be supporting your state's homeschool organization!  

Here's what others have said about participating in a HOME portfolio review:


"We truly appreciate the support from HOME and are thankful for the services provided! Our children enjoy being home schooled and love sharing their portfolios with family and friends. Thanks for all you do!"  -- E.G.


"I just received my portfolio back from HOME today.  I have to say thank you so much.  I cannot say it enough.  Without your organization's generosity and support, my homeschooling would not be possible.  It's such a sense of relief that you're there.  Thank you."  -- K.W. 


Learn More!

Find out more about this annual assessment option here and here!  


Register for a Portfolio Review

Register for a digital portfolio review and a fillable .pdf will be sent to you. Just fill in the required information. Insert work samples that you scanned or photographed and saved as .jpg or .pdf, and email it to us. You can also save it to flash drive and mail it.  


Pre-assembled Portfolios Save You Time!

As a convenience for your family, HOME now offers pre-assembled portfolios. Included is a 3-inch binder, subject dividers, plastic sheet protectors, all required pages, and simple instructions. Just fill in the required information, add work samples and submit!


When you purchase a HOME pre-assembled portfolio, you will also receive regular email support throughout the year! Emails will include information on how to get started with and maintain your portfolio,  encouragement, documentation tips, year-end steps to take, important reminders, and much more!


Click the picture below to order yours!


** Be sure to check here to see if you qualify for a discount on your Portfolio Review. **