HOME Group Portfolio Reviews

Find encouragement and support for your journey!

Are you a brand new homeschooler looking for ideas and guidance?

Are you a veteran with questions and concerns? 


Participate in a group portfolio review day! This is an opportunity to join other homeschoolers in a group setting, and share what homeschooling was like for your family during the past year. A Maine certified teacher and a veteran homeschool leader will facilitate discussion, answer your questions, and provide you with a signed evaluation letter to submit to the Maine Department of Education and your local superintendent.


Come to learn, connect and uplift one another!


To save time, purchase a pre-assembled portfolio for use during this event.


Group reviews do not include time for a one- on-one portfolio review with the certified teacher. If you would like your portfolio to be reviewed individually, or you would like more direct input from the certified teacher, the mail-in review option would be a better fit!  


2022 Group Reviews

* Note for 2022: Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 , in-person group reviews may not be available.


* You can always have your portfolio reviewed with HOME by mailing it in.


* OR Submit your portfolio electronically! Find out more about HOME's digital reviews.


2022 Schedule (TBD)

Upcoming dates, times and locations for 2022 will be scheduled if libraries are open and indoor gatherings are permissible. Please stay tuned!


Please register early for an event. These fill up fast and space is limited! Register online at the bottom of the page, or by mail.)     


HOME will offer a select number of Group Portfolio Reviews (marked below) to accommodate your special needs. These reviews are limited to 4 participants, so register early! The rate for these more individualized reviews is $65 per review.