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Home Education Week & Capitol Day

May 2 - 8, 2021

Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate!

It's an educational event for the whole family! Maine homeschoolers have worked hard over the years to raise public awareness and strengthen homeschool freedoms. Traditionally, Maine Governors have designated one week each spring as Maine Home Education Week. Since 1987, Maine homeschoolers have gathered during this special week to celebrate and thank God for the freedoms we enjoy. 


While there will be no proclamation issued this year, 2021 will not be an exception to our coming together! During the week of May 2nd - 8th, 2021, homeschoolers will celebrate the 34th Annual Maine Home Education Week. To mark the occasion, homeschoolers will gather virtually on Wednesday, May 5 for a day of celebration!   




Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 

Theme: Courage 

Location: Zoom 

Cost: FREE! 



Use the chat option through Facebook Messenger in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.


Schedule of Events

Meet Your Legislators: Legislators love to meet their constituents. Contact them to arrange a virtual visit with your family! Find your Representative HERE. Find your Senator HERE. Learn more about Visiting with Your Legislator


Virtual Capitol Tours: See information below.





  • Music by Messiah's Choir
  • Opening Prayer and Message - The Wilcoxson Family
  • Pledge of Allegiance  
  • Welcome message from Maine State Legislators

10:30am - Advocacy: How to Impact your Government - Jeremiah Lorrig, Deputy Director of Generation Joshua


In a constitutional democratic republic, we the people have the ability (and sometimes the responsibility) to make our voices heard. In this session, families will learn about the three-meeting rule, the importance of working with elected officials from all parties, and the keys to building relationships with elected officials.


11:00am - Virtual Capitol Tour - Carroll Conley, Governor Mills, and Dan Fournier 


Carroll Conley, Executive Director of the Christian Civic League, will share a framework for courage from a Biblical perspective as compared to the secular model that exists in our culture. Following this, Governor Mills will make an introduction and Dan Fournier, the Maine State House Tour Guide, will take us on a virtual tour of our Capitol State House! Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about the history and interesting features of this magnificent building.



11:30am - Meet Martha Ballard - Victoria Bucklln


Martha Ballard, midwife and healer, lived in Hallowell, Maine from the late 1700's until the early 1800's. She will "join" us and share stories of her life and work. Martha kept a diary for 27 years, during which time she helped mothers bring over 800 babies into the world.


11:45 - Speak Up! Exploring the Freedom of Speech - Maxwell Nosbisch, First Amendment Museum


"Free speech" is always a hot topic. It's also an extremely relevant one, especially for young people. This virtual field trip explores the issues, controversies, and limits around speech in the United States. Students will utilize their own freedom of speech to share ideas and opinions.


1:00pm Acts of Courage throughout Maine History: Resources for Learning from the Maine State Museum - Joanna Torow, Chief Educator, Maine State Museum


Maine history is teeming with acts of courage. Some of these actions changed history, like Joshua Chamberlain's actions during the Battle of Gettysburg. Others showcase ordinary people standing up for their rights, like countless women who fought for the right to vote in Maine and national elections.  You'll hear about these and other surprising stories, as well as learn more about the Maine State Museum's online resources to further explore objects and stories of courage, strength, perseverance.


Recognition of Junior Legislators: To participate in this educational program, purchase a Junior Legislator Learning Unit. Submit a completed unit checklist to HOME by May 2 to receive a badge and be recognized on Capitol Day!  


Visit the Capitol Complex and complete an outdoor scavenger hunt!


Registration for Capitol Day is FREE!

Student Contest

Who is a role-model of courage for you?


Create a writing piece (essay, description, poem, research paper, creative writing piece, etc.) about a person in your life or someone from Maine history who shows or showed courage in some way.  Remember courage can be reflected in many ways (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, etc.) through actions and words (overcoming obstacles, standing up for beliefs, showing selflessness, taking risks, etc.).  Be sure to include biographical information and your thoughts about that person's courageousness.  Have fun, and let the creativity flow as you create this special tribute!


Deadline for Submission: Submit your report in writing to HOME by April 30, 2021.


Prizes: A $25 Amazon gift card for the winning student in each division. 

Division 1: K through 3rd grade

Division 2: 4th through 8th grade 

Division 3: 9th through 12th grade


* Winning essays will be published in the newest edition of the HOME Digest. You may also be asked to share your report on Zoom during our Capitol Day Celebration.


Many Thanks to Our Capitol Day Sponsors and Partners!

More Home Education Week Activities

Celebrate Maine Home Education Week every year in your own community, too. Find ways to celebrate and be visible throughout the designated week. The following is just a sampling of activities that could be planned especially for Home Education Week within individual homeschool groups and families: 

  • Wear a homeschool t-shirt, sticker or button wherever you go during Home Education Week.
  • Have a potluck meal of thanksgiving with other homeschooling families.
  • Bake a celebration cake!
  • Plan a local field trip with a few families or your support group.
  • Arrange for a homeschooling display at your local library.
  • Visit a nursing home.
  • Bring a new homeschooler to visit the HOME Office.
  • Find ways to volunteer in your community.
  • Plan a fundraiser to raise money for your support group or for HOME.
  • Buy a copy of Homeschool Heroes and read it to your family! Copies are available at the HOME Office. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate during Maine Home Education Week, please take time to give thanks and glory to God for the very precious freedoms we have to teach our children at home. Without continued prayer, vigilance and a strong homeschool presence within each Maine community, our blessings of freedom could be easily taken away. Take pride in what you do, and enjoy your well-deserved week of recognition! 




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