Support for Group Leaders

Are You Leading a Homeschool Group?

The homeschool community in Maine is growing fast! Groups are forming to meet the needs. Have you found yourself leading a homeschool co-op, support group, Facebook group, or other type of homeschool group? New homeschoolers look to you for encouragement and support. But we know you need support as a leader, too! HOME can provide a place for group leaders to support each other, network, build unity in our efforts to serve, and share ideas for ways homeschool families can gather to connect in different areas of the state.


Benefits of joining the HOME Group Leaders' Community:

  1. Private Facebook group just for support group leaders
  2. Monthly leadership emails from HOME with helpful tips, encouragement and news
  3. HOME Convention pass
  4. LeaderConnect event for leaders
  5. Access to G-Suite for Education (if your group meets the requirements)

Join Today!

We are looking forward to your participation!