HOME will send a proof copy of the ad to one company representative before emailing out eBlast ads. The representative is responsible for sharing it with others within the organization or company.  There is a 24 hour turn around.  If HOME does not receive a correspondence from the vendor, we will assume that the ad has met with approval and is okay to send.


Advertising Specs for print publications

1/4 Page Ad – 3  1/2" x 4  7/8” 

Business Card – 3 1/2" x 2”

(Maximum word count 25 - 30)



Ad Format for email ads

All ads must be sent electronically in .jpeg, .png or high resolution .pdf formatting.

Eblasts may also be sent in .html format. 


Eblast maximum size 800px by 1500px


Small email updates include a graphic that is 75 px by 75 px, along with about 25 words of text and a link back to your website.


Large email update includes a graphic (750 px by 450 px) that has the text included and a link back to your website.


All printed publications are black and white format and ads should be submitted in black and white for the best results.


HOME reserves the right to refuse advertising.



Ad Specs & Layout
Please print this page for a visual of the size of your ad and what it will look like when placed in our publications.
Adobe Acrobat Document 25.8 KB