2023 Standardized Testing Option

Standardized testing from the comfort of home!

In Maine, homeschooled families are NOT required to test. Many families, however, find testing to be beneficial. Homeschoolers of Maine is happy to partner with BJU Press Testing and Evaluation in 2023 to offer the Iowa Assessments from home.


You'll be helping to protect homeschool freedom, too! This year, when you test with Homeschoolers of Maine and BJU, HOME will receive a group report (based on ANONYMOUS student data), allowing us to showcase to legislators the success of home-educated students. Here are some unique benefits for participants: 

  • Choose between Online Testing OR Paper/Pencil Testing.
  • Families that order their tests through Homeschoolers of Maine’s Parent Portal will receive a 10% discount.
  • Families will have the opportunity to participate in a multi-state pilot testing initiative. 

Choose Online Testing for Even More Benefits!

BJU Press Testing & Evaluation is offering faster results with fewer requirements. Benefits of Online Testing include:

  • testing results returned to you as quick as 10 days
  • no shipping costs
  • year-round testing
  • testing administrator provided by BJU

Why Test?


Establishing a Maine database of compiled scores lends credibility to the educational excellence of homeschool students. Because homeschooled students historically score very high, the larger the number of students tested, the more convincing our scores become to both legislators and the public.


Your participation is encouraged, not only for your own information, but to continue to safeguard our freedoms.



Following directions, relaxing under pressure, pacing oneself, and completing work in an allotted time are all great skills that can be honed through taking tests. Testing also provides valuable preparation for college entrance exams, such as the ACT and SAT.



Standardized tests indicate how your child compares academically to other children at his grade level. 

While we do have the privilege of seeing our children learn on a day-to-day basis, it is beneficial to assess a child’s year-to-year development of learning.



The charts of test scores shown to Maine legislators are combined scores of homeschool students statewide, never individual scores.


Can I Still Participate in a Portfolio Review?

YES! There are many good reasons to maintain a portfolio of your child's work and use the portfolio review method to fulfill the legal requirement for annual assessment. Participation in the study does not require you to submit your child's test results to your local district for annual assessment purposes. 


How Do I Participate?

Step One: Make a Testing Plan

Choose your dates and your type of test (online or paper/pencil).

Step Two: Order Your Test 


  • Call BJU directly at (800) 845-5731 to order your tests.
  • Indicate when scheduling & ordering that you are testing with Homeschoolers of Maine and provide HOME's ID number 3QUZ9URF.


COST - Cost will vary depending on the testing option you choose. Cost information is available at BJU Testing and Evaluation. Be sure to use the BJU Parent Portal above for ordering to receive your 10% discount!


Step Three: Take the Survey

  • After assessments are purchased, your child(ren) will be assigned a 10-digit ID number. You will receive an email with a 10-digit ID number for each child you’ve purchased a test for. 
  • Once you have made your purchase, return to HOME's Standardized Testing Page. Fill out the survey below for each participating child before testing is complete. 
  • Surveys returned after testing will not be included in the study.
  • Click on the link below for the survey.

Online Testing Schedule 2023

Online testing dates and directions for ordering can be found below. Place your order two weeks before your desired date. Use HOME's ID number to order: 3QUZ9URF.

Online Testing - Iowa Assessments Form E and COGAT Form 7


Testing Dates                                Start                End

MT 5/15-5/16                                  1:30 pm           4:30 pm

RF  6/8-6/9                                       8:30 am          11:30 am


Orders MUST be placed at least 2 weeks ahead of desired test date.


To order, call (800) 845-5731:

  1. Ask to be connected to Testing and Evaluation Department.
  2. Mention that you are with Homeschoolers of Maine and provide HOME's ID number 3QUZ9URF.

More Questions?

Find out more about the research project, those who are conducting it (including homeschool research expert Dr. Brian Ray at the National Home Education Research Institute), as well as answers to all Frequently Asked Questions.