Pre-assembled Portfolios

To Make Your Life a Little Easier!

As a convenience for your family, HOME offers pre-assembled portfolios. Included is a 3-inch binder, subject dividers, plastic sheet protectors, a variety of pages to accomplish required record-keeping, and simple instructions. Just fill in the required information, add work samples and submit! 


NEW! Pre-assembled portfolios with the early learner in mind. Parents may need extra help determining what to include in a portfolio for a young child who is not yet ready to read, write or complete workbook pages. We have created this pre-assembled portfolio with that child in mind! By including more journal logs, photographs and dictation pages, you can document and demonstrate what your child has covered, and the progress made.


NEW! Pre-assembled portfolio for the special needs student. Whether your child has trouble reading, writing or completing workbook pages, or has difficulty in other areas, this portfolio was created with him/her in mind. By including more journal logs, photographs and dictation pages, as well as modified subject cover pages, and special needs introductory pages, you can demonstrate what your child has covered, and the progress made.


Why Maintain a Portfolio?

Purchase Your Pre-assembled Portfolio!

When you purchase a HOME pre-assembled portfolio, you will also receive regular email support throughout the year! Emails will include information on how to get started with and maintain your portfolio,  encouragement, documentation tips, year-end steps to take, important reminders, and much more!

Mail-in order form
To order pre-assembled unit studies by mail, please download the order form and make your checks payable to HOME. Mail your request to the HOME Office, P.O. Box 159, Camden, ME 04843.
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Plan for Your HOME Portfolio Review

HOME provides a convenient method for annual assessment, which fulfills the requirements of our homeschool statute. After purchasing your pre-assembled portfolio, be sure to plan ahead for your HOME portfolio review! HOME reviews are easy, inexpensive, and require a minimal amount of preparation. By participating in a portfolio review through HOME, you will also be supporting your state homeschool organization! 


To learn more about this annual assessment option and how to register for your portfolio review, click here!