Homeschool University

Plan Ahead and Succeed with Confidence!

Homeschooling offers the incredible freedom to educate your children at home with the added flexibility of creating a schedule that works for your family. Whether you work full or part-time, are living on one income, care for elderly parents, have a newborn baby, or are dealing with any number of other factors, you can succeed. 


Sometimes it's just knowing how to get started and giving yourself permission to schedule classes in the evenings or on weekends because that is what works.


Get Started Today!

HOME is partnering with Homeschool University to bring you this 14-day online course designed to help new homeschoolers start strong with the confidence needed to provide an excellent education for their children. 

What Is Homeschool University?


The Start Strong Maine online course will not only help you navigate where to start, it will help your family flourish and thrive at home!


The course includes a 48 page workbook. A 22 page workbook is also available to accompany Special Learners Day!


Over the next two weeks:

  • We will give you a clear direction of how to teach your children at home—at any age.
  • We will help you understand the homeschool laws in Maine.
  • We will help you learn WHAT to teach your children, WHEN to teach your children, and HOW to teach your children from home.
  • We will confirm that YOU are the most qualified person to teach your children.
  • We will help you create not just a homeschool space but an educational home.
  • You don’t have to worry about what curriculum to teach. We will break it down for you and empower you to choose the curriculum that will best fit your family, your lifestyle and your children’s learning styles.
  • You will develop your own educational philosophy and we’ll teach you how to reach and exceed your long term education goals from preschool through high school.
  • Your family relationships will grow and you will create a parenting legacy by taking it one day at a time and investing in your family.
  • You’ll have access to the nation’s top homeschool leaders sharing their knowledge through video interviews.
  • You’ll be encouraged with homeschool success stories that will inspire you on this new journey.
  • Your fears and anxieties over teaching a struggling learner, special needs child, or perhaps a strong-willed child will be put to rest as our experts help you navigate even the roughest waters and most challenging educational questions and concerns.
  • You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. 



Two weeks of daily lessons with videos, articles, workbooks, and more!

  • Day One: Understanding the Law
  • Day Two: Getting Started
  • Day Three: Choosing Curriculum & Learning Styles
  • Day Four: Testing, Evaluations, & Recordkeeping
  • Day Five: Educational Stages
  • Day Six: Academic Nuts & Bolts
  • Day Seven: Time Management
  • Day Eight: Parenting & Discipleship
  • Day Nine: Homeschooling Works
  • Day Ten: Homeschool Civics
  • Day Eleven: Navigating Homeschool Lingo 
  • Day Twelve: Homeschool Myths
  • Day Thirteen: Developing a Long-Term Vision
  • Day Fourteen: Homeschool Parent & Professional Educator
  • Extra Day: Special Learners


  • Masterclass Interviews with nationally recognized homeschool speakers and leaders
  • Student Planners
  • Sample Transcripts
  • Main course workbook
  • Special Learners Day workbook
  • Printable Encouragement Cards for Mom (Coming soon!)
  • Ten Audio Workshop Recordings from Homeschool Experts [Convention MP3s] 
  • A virtual marketplace of homeschool resources and curriculum providers.

NEW: Homeschool University 2.0 has launched with brand new content:

  • More videos
  • Expanded high school content
  • New and improved workbooks
  • Book recommendations
  • FREE printable encouragement mini-posters
  • FREE printable scripture cards
  • And more!

Register for the Course

Once you register, you will be able to attend the online classes whenever you wish, for as long as you wish! The cost for the full two-week course is $79.