Resources for the College Bound

So, You've Decided to Go to College!

Good for you! What are your next steps? Be sure to check out the webinars below for answers. Click on the links to watch the videos in our College Webinar series to help you navigate the admissions process, successfully. HOME Leader, Brandi Schunk, shares more about the series in this blog post, Getting Ready for College. 


Important Resources

Below is a list of resources for high school students considering college: 

  • College Admissions Testing - Homeschool students taking these tests should put in the following code numbers (for their state) where requested to on their answer sheets:

PSAT - ME - 992099; NH - 993099; MA - 992299 (can be used for year-end assessment)

SAT - all states use 970 000 (can be used for year-end assessment)

ACT - all states use 969-999 (can be used for year-end assessment)

                Classic Learning Test - This is an excellent alternative to the SAT, and is becoming a popular    

                choice among homeschoolers. More and more colleges are accepting the Classic Learning                      Test! 

  • Examinations for Potential College Credit - Get a jump start on college by earning credits while in high school with the following nationally recognized programs.

                AP - Tackle college-level work while in high school. Take AP Exams and earn college credit                        and placement.

                CLEP Tests - Take College Level Examinations to earn college credit while still in high school.

                DSST Credit-by-Exam Program - DSST exams are available to anyone who is seeking college                    credit outside the traditional classroom, including college students, adult learners, high                            school students and military personnel. *

  • The Congressional Award - America's Best Kept Secret - The Congress of the United States awards bronze, silver, and gold medals to deserving youth, ages 14 to 23, who have set and achieved goals in the four areas of personal development, physical fitness, voluntary public service, and expedition/exploration. The only civilian medals struck by Congress, these awards are highly regarded by colleges and universities for scholarships and admission, even at the Ph.D. level. 
  • National Homeschool Honor Society - Eta Sigma AlphaEta Sigma Alpha is the first honor society established exclusively for homeschooled students in grades 9 through 12 and has grown into a national organization. Membership benefits include recognition for academic achievement and enhanced college application credentials.

* Each college or university will decide whether or not to give credit for these exams, which exams they will give credit for, required scores for credit if offered, and how much credit to give for each exam. Check the online college catalogs of each of the colleges and universities you are interested in for more information.


Helpful Webinars

Financing College

Nikki Vachon, Finance Authority of Maine


Paying for college seems like something you start thinking about senior year of high school but in reality, the earlier you start, the more prepared you’ll be. Join Nikki Vachon, College Access Counselor to talk about ways you can start planning for your child’s education now, no matter their age, that will help maximize the amount of aid you receive as well as ways to shop for an affordable college. We’ll also focus on how to apply for financial aid, look for scholarships (did you know that there are scholarships that middle school students could apply for?) and share best practices. 


Writing the College Essay

Angela Hurd, HOME Leader and Maine Certified Teacher


Learn to write successful college essays with a veteran high school English teacher!  In this webinar you will learn:

  • What a college essay is or isn't
  • What colleges are looking for in a college essay and why those essays are important
  • Tips and tricks for writing the college essay
  • How to write a college essay by analyzing successful student models

By the end of the webinar, you will be able to get started on your own college essay. 


Applying to College

Trish Hutchins, HOME Coach and Regional Representative


This webinar discusses the details of preparing our homeschooled students for the college admissions process. Topics include: keeping paperwork for college admissions (transcripts, course descriptions, list of extracurricular activities, etc.); assigning high school credits; building time management and study skills; accruing early college credit through dual enrollment or AP exams; and navigating the FAFSA and financial aid.


How to Ace the SAT and Get Free College

Jean Burk, College Prep Genius


(Discover how this is a learnable test and every question can be answered in 30 seconds or less.)

Test-prep Guru, Jean Burk, shares her secrets of test success that have helped tens of thousands of

students raise their SAT scores as much as 700 points, ACT 9 points and top 1% on the CLT! Learn how to find shortcuts in test patterns and save time on all types of questions. Math, Writing, Reading and Science are also covered in this webinar recording. If you have college-bound students, don't miss this webinar about preparing them for these tests! 


UMaine Early College - Courses, Pathways, and Homeschool Access

Christy Alley, UMaine Early College


UMaine Early College Co-Director, Christy Alley, provides an overview of the Maine Early College Program and its benefits for students.  Special emphasis will be placed on the early college career pathways program and how homeschool families can use courses and pathways to augment their curriculum.  Participants will also learn how to apply.




How to Leverage Early College for Your Post-secondary Education is an informative webinar, featuring UMA, UMaine and UMaine Machias Early College Directors, Rachael Magill, Kari Suderley, and Christy Alley. Together they team up to present an informative session on Early College Enrollment.