Homeschooling through High School Workshops

Homeschool Through High School? Yes, You Can! The following workshops will help you to succeed with confidence!


High School 101 Workshop

Workshop Presenter: Trish Hutchins

Trish Hutchins and her husband Jake are HOME Regional Representatives for Knox, Lincoln, and Waldo Counties. They live in the Belfast area and have homeschooled their two sons from kindergarten through high school, with an emphasis on classical education and laboratory sciences.


Creating a High School Transcript Workshop

Sign up for our email course, The Importance of a High School Transcript, to learn more about creating a transcript for your high school student. You will receive six emails over a period of three weeks outlining the basics of creating a transcript, what type of transcript your child needs, calculating a GPA and more...You will also receive free access to our webinar, "The Importance of Record Keeping," just for participating.


Assigning Credit Webinar

Give yourself and your student credit for learning outside-the-box! HOME's Out of the Box Credits webinar offers ways you can give and get credit for middle to high school student learning experiences that don’t look like traditional, behind-a-desk learning. 


Writing a Successful College Essay Webinar

In our Writing Successful College Essays webinar recording, former high school English teacher, Angela Hurd, explains the "how to" of writing a college essay that will get you noticed by admission counsellors. Register here for a link to this webinar!


The Benefits of Early College Webinar

How to Leverage Early College for Your Post-Secondary Education is an informative webinar, featuring UMA, UMaine and UMaine Machias Early College Directors, Rachael Magill, Kari Suderley, and Christy Alley team up to present an informative session on Early College Enrollment.  Register here for a link to this webinar!