Am I qualified to homeschool my kids?

Yes! No one knows and loves your child more than you.


* Can you read?

* Do you know your numbers?

* Can you write?

* Do you know where your pencils are?


If you answered “yes” to at least three out of four of the above questions…you’re in.  You’re good to go.  You’re totally qualified.  And if you actually know where your pencils are, you may be overqualified and put the rest of us homeschooling mothers to shame.  (To my credit, I do happen to know where some of my pencils are, but none of them…I repeat…none of them are sharpened.)


I promise…promise you that if you have the desire to teach your kids at home, that is truly all you need.  The desire…and resources!


-- Adapted from Homeschool Hubbub: Am I Qualified to Teach? by Laura Coppinger at Heavenly Homemakers. Read the entire article!