Start Homeschooling with Confidence

HOME Can Equip You for Success!

Are you just beginning to homeschool, or are you researching the option for your family? Are you feeling overwhelmed by conflicting opinions and advice? Do you fear you'll make mistakes? 

Become Equipped of Success!! Plan to attend one or more of the sessions below! If you are a veteran homeschooler, consider sharing this event with someone new!



What you'll learn:


More about Homeschoolers of Maine 

Maine’s homeschooling law

Record keeping

Curriculum planning

Helpful resources

Portfolios and evaluations


Special needs

Q & A 

And so much more!  




Event Options

To meet the needs of all those interested in learning more about homeschooling, we offer pre-recorded webinars, in-person workshops and a full 14-day course! Choose what fits your needs best or attend them all! Pre-register below.


* In-person Workshops

August 1, 2024 - 1:00pm at Sanford Public Library, 1364 Main St., Sanford


* FREE Webinar



For your convenience, HOME offers the Start Homeschooling with Confidence workshop in a pre-recorded webinar format. 


* Please pre-register using the online form below. A link will be sent to you with in 48 hours. 

Pre-register for a Workshop or Webinar

Please use the online form below to pre-register for a webinar or in-person workshop or print and mail your form to HOME.


* Homeschooling a High Schooler?


For more information about teaching a high school student, plan on registering for a Homeschooling High School 101 class, as well.   


* Homeschool University: Start Strong Maine

Enroll in a more in-depth course to ensure success! HOME has partnered with Homeschool University to bring you this 14-day online course designed to help new homeschoolers start strong with the confidence needed to provide an excellent education for their children. Find out more details and register!


Important Details Regarding Workshops

  • In-person workshops last approximately 90 minutes, including a Q & A period and time to socialize (for live events)! This workshop is FREE! However, donations to HOME’s ministry are always needed and appreciated. 
  • Pre-registration is required. Register online above! Contact HOME with questions or for more information. If you have registered for an online or video event, a link to participate will be emailed to you a few days before the event. 
  • For a small donation, pre-registered attendees will receive a HOME Beginner's Bundle or a link to a printable bundle. Your bundle will include a Beginner's Handbook, HOME's Quickstart Guide, Helpful Hints, a sample HOME unit study, and much more! 
  • Purchase a pre-assembled portfolio before a live workshop, so you can ask any questions you have about this helpful resource!
  • If you have pre-registered for a workshop and are unable to attend, kindly let us know! We are preparing ahead for your participation!  

Here's What Workshop Attendees Are Saying

"Thank you for having the Zoom meeting this weekend.  My daughter and her husband have decided to homeschool!! My daughter was on the fence and after the meeting she and her husband decided it is the best thing for their daughter this year.  We have the letter of intent to go in the mail today." 
-- Anonymous


"Thank you for your encouragement, your time for answering our questions and giving us the confidence to do homeschooling.  We are looking forward to being a homeschool family!"

-- V.G.

"I want to tell you how much the support from HOME has meant in these weeks of preparing to homeschool my nephew. I loved the Start Right class, especially the chat times. I am probably one of your oldest, first- time homeschoolers at 78, but all the support has reassured me that I can do this, it is going to be a great experience. "

-- B.C.


"I attended the Getting Started workshop, along with my mom and daughter, and wanted to say   thank you for everything you are doing to support and encourage homeschooling in Maine. God   must be very pleased with your efforts on His behalf. The workshop couldn't have been any   more affirming for me, and really brought my mom in on the big picture in a way I never could   have done myself." 

-- Anonymous