Dirigo HOME

Dirigo means "I lead!" 


The purpose of Dirigo HOME is to further the goals of HOME's 20/20 vision by empowering individuals and families to lead the way within the HOME community. Dirigo HOME seeks to 1) impart a knowledge of our Maine history and government, 2) build community, as well as 3) develop and sharpen leadership skills through events, activities, classes, field trips and mentoring opportunities. 


Ongoing Programs

HOME Convention Teen Track 


Each year during the Annual HOME Convention, teens are encouraged to participate in fun filled, action packed workshop sessions designed with their unique needs and interests in mind. Topics vary from year to year, and may include health, safety, relationships, character, government and civics, just to name a few!


Dinner with Friends


HOME leaders are busy people with many responsibilities within the ministry. However, they need time to brainstorm, share ideas and socialize, too! Gatherings like these are scheduled in different parts of the state throughout the year. If you are a HOME leader, consider hosting one in your area! Contact the HOME Office for more information.


If you interested in joining the HOME Leadership Team, please contact HOME. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Upcoming Special Events

HOMEschool Community Building 


"Families helping families."  HOME's motto is at the center of all we do. Family makes a home a home. It's what makes HOME more than just an organization.  HOME is more than an acronym for Homeschoolers of Maine. It's descriptive of what we are nurturing and building - not just an organization, but a HOME for families to become family.  Come discuss, remember, or find out "why we do what we do."  We will find our 'do' is only as big as what we 'believe.'


Presenter: Chris Wilcoxson

Date: Thursday, March 16, 2017 (during the HOME Convention)

Time: 6:30pm - 7:15pm

Location: Samoset Resort, Rockport 


Going the Second Mile: Support Groups and Homeschool Families in Crisis  


Support groups often have the opportunity to assist families who are experiencing difficulty in their homeschooling. Divorce, abandonment, unexpected special education needs or mental illness, or just falling behind due to too much on their plate—all of these present unique challenges to homeschooling families. HSLDA Staff Attorney Darren Jones discusses ways the homeschool community can rally to help “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”


Presenter: Darren Jones

Date: Thursday, March 16, 2017 (During the HOME Convention)

Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm 

Location: Samoset Resort, Rockport 



2017 Ongoing HOME Events

Group Portfolio Reviews

6/3 Bangor

6/13 Westbrook

6/20 Belfast

6/23 Bridgton

8/17 Camden

8/3 Lewiston

8/23 Augusta

8/24 Rockland

Getting Started Workshops

5/20 Augusta 

8/23 Augusta

Monthy Sports & Fitness Activities 

4/24 Swim/Gym/ Rock Climbing, Rockport

4/27 Monthly Hike, Lincolnville   

4/28 Monthly Bowling, Belfast

5/5 Roller Skating, Portland

Summer Playground Days

5/30 Standish

6/13 Bridgton

6/27 Brownfield

8/15 Brownfield

8/29 Bridgton

9/26 Brownfield


Upcoming in 2017

Upcoming in 2018

 3/15 - 3/17 28th Annual HOME Convention